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This beautiful Nguni calf can be seen with his mother at the farmyard in the Zoo. His name is Evans.

Greater Flamingo and chick. The ring around the leg of the parent bird is for identification purposes.    

The baby honey badger is now 5 months old and is exploring all kinds of interesting areas. BG enjoys digging up areas and seeing what he can find.

Meet bleary-eyed Lara Jordan

Lara Jordan has not had a decent night's sleep since 30th of December 2010. Raising 4 new babies is not for the faint hearted. Why would you ever do this to yourself? It can only be because you are passionate about wildlife and you believe that you can make a difference to the dwindling population of Southern Ground Hornbills. Click here for more info >>

Joburg Zoo's successful Red Panda breeding programme

Since December 2010 Curator of Primates, Katherine Visser has been busy hand-rearing some of the Zoo's most important animals. From feisty BG, the honey badger to three adorable red panda cubs, Poonya, Rom and Arun. BG (AKA Badger Girl) is growing up fast and currently spending her days in the zoo's farm yard section, while the three red panda cubs at only 2 and 3 months old still need around the clock care. During the day this job is primate keeper Sharon's responsibility, while at night its Katherine's job to give the babies there evening and night feed. Click here for more info >>

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