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  December 2011



Le Hoest Monkey

Arabian Oryx

November 2011

Click here to find out more about our new Greater Flamingo

Red tailed Guenon

October 2011

Click here to find out more about our new hippo calf

 June 2011

Buff-Cheeked Gibbon

Cameroon Pygmy Goats

Scimitar Oryx

July 2011

Wattled Crane

Meet Rocky, Impi and Crystal, three of Joburg Zoo's six hand reared Wattled crane chicks for 2011. Each has their own unique personality and story. With less than 260 individual Wattled Cranes left in South Africa, these chicks are critical for the survival of the species and are lovingly raised by a dedicated group of zoo staff and volunteers. Click here for read more

August 2011

Arabian Oryx


September 2011


African Buffalo

Emperor Tamarin

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