Johannesburg zoo’s chimpanzees are out and about in their new home

The Johannesburg Zoo celebrates its revamped chimpanzee enclosure next week. The renovations include glass viewing sites around the enclosure where visitors can really see the chimpanzees eye to eye. A heated rock area has been installed to attract the chimpanzees and the moat has been filled in to make more space for them to explore. A water feature, tree stumps, logs, plants and artificial rocks all add to the natural-looking habitat.

The chimpanzees have welcomed these new changes with excitement. They enjoy greeting visitors through the windows, relaxing on the grass and running from one end to the other, jumping over the tree stumps and logs. Charles, born on 1 October 2006, is the youngest in the family. He loves taking a stroll right in front of the windows and entertains the crowd with his playfulness, smiling at the cameras and striking a pose for the onlookers.

The next phase of the development, which will be made possible by donations, will involve planting more trees, building a jungle gym and mosaic artworks on the walls.

The enclosure will be officially opened on Wednesday 28 September 2011 at 08h30. Guests will get a chance to walk inside the enclosure, plus enjoy a talk about chimpanzees. They will then get a chance to see them play in their new home.

You are welcome to attend the event and have the opportunity to see the revamped enclosure. If you are interested, RSVP by 27 September 2011 to or on 011 646 2000 ext 260 / 076 051 4978 END


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