Zookeepers from across Africa are meeting at the Johannesburg Zoo

The Johannesburg Zoo is hosting a herd of zookeepers and aquarists from all over Africa from 4 – 7 October 2011. In its sixth year, the Animal Keepers Association of Africa (AKAA) is holding a conference attended by more than fifty delegates from South Africa, Uganda, Egypt and Cameroon.


Alice Masombuka giving a presentation on rhino
poaching entitled THE PLIGHT OF THE RHINO -
THE PHILA STORY. She won the Best Presentation Award.
Ian Visser (left) recieving his award from Dominic Moss (right). He won the Best Poster Award for his poster entiltled AN EX SITU CONSERVATION AND RESEARCH PROJECT FOR THE PICKERSGILL'S REED FROG (Hyperolious pickersgilli).

Delegates that attended the 2011 AKAA Conference at the Johannesburg Zoo.

They are meeting to share their experiences in animal husbandry practices and to network. They will be attending 18 presentations focused on the role of animal keepers and bridging the gaps on animal care. Jimmy Awany from Uganda will speak about his experience on conservation initiatives in West Africa while Alice Masombuka from the Johannesburg Zoo will speak on the plight of rhinos in Southern Africa. Furthermore, there will be 4 workshops aimed at providing guidance on the best practices in animal keeping. Chris Boshoff will provide one of the two keynote addresses when he speaks about what humans can learn from animals.

This conference is also about having fun. In the evening delegates will be treated to stargazing in the zoo’s Temple of the Ancients exhibit, a talk about bat life, interactions with spiders and a biomimicry zoo hunt.

The Johannesburg Zoo is an ideal venue to host a conference of this nature as it demonstrates a zoo with international standards and puts the discussions in context.

You are invited to meet the delegates at 12h00 Thursday 06 October 2011 to understand their joys and tribulations as animal keepers. Please confirm on kevin.halama@jhbzoo.org.za or on 011 646 2000 ext 260 / 076 051 4978. END.

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