Joburg Zoo Annual Winter Browse Appeal for Giraffe and Black Rhino

MMC for Environment and Corporate Services, Matshidiso Mfikoe and zoo annual pass visitor Nabeel Osman feeding the giraffe browse in March of this year.


Joburg Zoo houses approximately 320 different animal species, all with specific feeding requirements. Animals’ such as the Giraffe and Black Rhino are specialist browsers meaning they eat leaves from trees. During the winter months there is often a shortage of browse available since most tree growth is dramatically decreased and it is difficult to find enough high quality browse.

Joburg is a wonderful place to live and one particularly amazing fact is that our city is the largest man made urban forest in the world. Garden’s in Joburg stay greener for longer and may hold the solution to our “Browse Dilemma”. Be it a garden in your home or business if you have any palatable indigenous plant such as Acacia Thorn tree, Rhus/Wax tree, Olea/Wild Olive tree and Ziziphus/Buffalo Thorn Tree, the animals at the zoo would greatly benefit from donated branches.

You can drop off your donation at the Joburg Zoo service entrance on Upper Park Drive.  Please contact Richard on 078 540 2043 or Patrick on 083 392 0027 beforehand or email for more information.

Prepared and issued by Candice Segal, Acting Brand and Communications manager on behalf of the Joburg Zoo. END.

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