Fourteen grade four students raise R7000 to help Phila the Black Rhino.


On the far right to left is Director Dr. Baucom, unknown parent, class teacher Dr. Mhone. In the middle is Rhino keeper Clement Chauke. On the far left is a parent that was involved in the fundraiser.


After visiting the Joburg Zoo on a field trip Grade four students from the North American International School in Pretoria were moved by the story of Phila, the Black Rhino. On their visit the class of 14 students had a special tour of the endangered animals housed at the zoo including the Siberian Tiger, gorilla, Arabian Oryx, Black Rhino and more. Their teacher Dr. Yvonne Mhone commented “The students wanted to do something for Phila, and expressed concern about her plight. Even on the bus trip home they continued to talk about poachers and how to save wildlife.”

After much discussion the class decided to raise funds for Phila through the Joburg Zoo’s “Adopt an Animal” programme. The programme gives members of the public an opportunity to give back and support the upkeep of their favourite animals. The whole school supported the fundraising event and parents played a very important role. Added to this the school’s director, Dr. Baucom offered to match what was raised by the class and include it to the final donation.

A total of R7000 was raised for Phila and the Joburg Zoo, a wonderful achievement by the class. On Friday 13th May, Education officer Imelda Matlala and Rhino Keeper Clement Chauke visited the school for the official handover and to give the students their adoption certificates. The Joburg Zoo would like to thank the following for their outstanding effort: Tapaganga Munsamy, Samy Dahman, Oliver Gotfredson, Ram Moochical Ambalapat, Reilly Hawkins, Sharifa Al-Amri, Morgan Prickett, Ejim Lekwa, Eliezer Hara, Faisel Al-Alarjani, Raya Al Amri, Tshego Molepo, Maile Lawson, Makayla Simmons and Dr. Mhone.

Prepared and issued by Candice Segal, Acting Brand and Communications manager on behalf of the Joburg Zoo. END.

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