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The plant of the month for March is the Diopyros kaki.

March 2014

Diopyros kaki

Synonym(s): Diospyros chinensis
Family: Ebenaceae
Common name(s): Japanese persimmon; Kaki persimmon;
Asia persimmon


Description: The kaki tree is a deciduous tee reaches a size of up to ten meters. Trees are typically either male or female, but some produce both types of flowers.
Leaves are medium to dark green, broadly lanceolate, stiff and equally wide as long.
Female Flowers have a creamy yellow color and tend to grow singly while male flowers have a pink tint and tend to appear in threes.
Flowering time: Spring
Fruits are is a sweet, slightly tangy with a soft to occasionally fibrous texture; this fruit comprises thick pulpy jelly encased in a waxy thin skinned shell, when ripe..
Origin: China

Accessed: 2014/03/04
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Accessed: 2014/03/04



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