Johannesburg Zoo Aquarium almost up and running
Friday, 14 March 2014


The largest walk-through freshwater aquarium in the Southern Hemisphere is being built at the Johannesburg Zoo. Take a sneak peek at the tanks here.


THE Johannesburg Zoo can proudly say that it is building the biggest walk-through freshwater aquarium in the Southern Hemisphere.


It is not open to the public yet, as it is undergoing the last bit of work to get it looking perfect.


Some of the fish are already in various tanks and in one of the tanks, a couple of cichlids needed a health examination. So the aquarist and two vets went to take a dive to look for these fish. Yes...that's how big the tanks are.


Getting all diving gear ready to dive in the tank.




It was such a strange experience standing right next to a diver, looking at them but being worlds apart...and only glass to separate us.

Setting up a net to catch the fish that need examining.


This picture looks so out of place. Divers in the middle of a room!


All is going well for the divers.





Looking everywhere for the fish.


Got the first fish for a health examination!


Here is the second one.


In the room next door is the walk through tunnel. I could not help get a few photographs of it. It was so calming to stand there and watch the fish cruise right over my head.


Right above me with the sun breaking through the water. This is what it must look like for divers looking up.





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