Fitting name chosen for Joburg Zoo's newest Giraffe.

Joburg Zoo is proud to announce the name of our newest Giraffe calf is 'Thato'. Following his birth in January, a competition was held through the local schools and general public to find a special name for this special baby. The zoo received an overwhelming response and the suggested names were circulated amongst the zoo staff to select their favourite.

The Joburg Zoo would like to congratulate Mrs. Sheila Osman and her 5 year old grandson Nabeel for submitting the winning name. They will both receive complimentary annual passes for their contribution. 'Thato', which in Sesotho means love, was selected by Nabeel Osman because of its special significance to him and his family.

Joburg Zoo is expecting another addition to the Giraffe herd later this year and is currently caring for many other animal babies born in recent months. To learn more about the Joburg Zoo visit our website

Prepared and issued by Candice Segal, Acting Brand and Communications manager on behalf of the Joburg Zoo. END.

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