Johannesburg Zoo and Mabs Consulting take 67 minutes on Mandela Day to another level.


The Johannesburg Zoo along with many others around the country will spend Monday 18 July giving back to communities that are in need. The day is in celebration of Nelson Mandela International Day. The Johannesburg Zoo will launch the 67 Day Community Campaign in partnership with Mabs Consulting Group. The campaign aims to bring 10 000 people from the poorest areas for a day of inspiration at Johannesburg Zoo over a period of three months.

During the campaign the zoo will host the following events: Mandela Day on 18 July, Woman’s Day on the 9th of August, Children’s day on the 14th of September, a sleepover for 250 children from informal settlements on the 23rd September and the final closing event will take place on Heritage day on September 24th.


On Mandela Day the zoo will bus in 1500 orphan children and senior citizens from around the city to visit the zoo. The programme for the day will be as follows:


10am until 2pm
Children and Elderly, most of who have never been to the zoo, will enjoy a concert, tour of the zoo, lunch in the beautiful park environment and visit various animal enclosures.

1pm until 3:30pm
One hundred school children visit the zoo to plant trees sponsored by Sasol. With the help of zoo staff members and directors from Sasol, 20 donated trees will be planted around the Sasol Bird Aviary.

Throughout the day volunteers from Sun International will give 67 minutes of their time to build climbing structures in two animal enclosures at the zoo.

The Johannesburg Zoo invites media and members of the press to join us in a day of celebration and inspiration. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience to or 082 451 7466.

Prepared Candice Segal and issued by Letta Madlala Brand and Communications Manager on behalf of the Johannesburg Zoo. END.

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