World Animal Day and Marine Week celebration at Joburg Zoo

South Africa is adorned with a vast array of biodiversity, inclusive of the world’s most revered species- both land and marine species alike. This is a matter worth celebrating and that is exactly what the Johannesburg Zoo will be doing from the 31st October to the 2nd November in commemoration of World Animal Day and Marine Week. The celebration will be held at the Johannesburg Zoo Farmyard and it will run from 09h00 till 12h00 on each day of the event. This three day spectacle is aimed at celebrating the beauty of all land and marine life, whilst encouraging environmentally conscious behaviour through the educational programmes that have been prepared for the public.

Schools around Johannesburg have been invited to partake in the event and the celebratory days have been chosen for their convenience, so that they do not miss out on all the fun. The activities for each day will include Talks on marine and land resources, a photo session, colouring and craft as well as an interactive session whereby learners will be taught about feeding and grooming some of the zoo animals. The event seeks to encourage the invited learners to recognise the role each animal plays in giving life to the planet. It also seeks to inspire the learner to care, conserve wild species and the environment in which they live.

Animal Day is a global celebration, annually observed on the 4th October. It is dedicated to appreciating animal life and it is marked by various events held around the world to promote animal conservation. Marine week is aimed at creating awareness of the marine and coastal environment, moreover; it is to highlight the benefits provided by these and their sustainable use to ensure their prolonged existence. Jointly, these special days have a common purpose of raising the bar on environmentalism as well as the safeguarding of all natural resources.

At home to some of the world’s endangered species, the Johannesburg Zoo is at the forefront of green politics; continuously raising awareness on conservation and empowering many to be proactive in the fight for natural resources. This event is just one of many attempts by the Zoo to rise awareness. Visitors can anticipate to be empowered with all the information necessary to instil high moral standards for animal and marine well-being in our society.

Please accept an invitation to celebrate with us and talk to the young people about their take on the messages they received on the day. Please RSVP by the 30th October with Kevin Halama on 011 646 200 ext 260 or via e-mail to
Prepared by Bridget Mawelewele and issued by Letta Madlala, Brand and Communications Manager, Johannesburg zoo, on behalf of the Johannesburg zoo, 26 October 2012.

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