Breakfast with Joburg zoo’s rhino keeper

On 27 October 2012, visitors can enjoy a scrumptious breakfast with Alice Masombuka, the zoo’s Rhino Keeper and hear first hand stories of the zoo’s rhinos. The breakfast starts at 8h30 and will consist of a talk where Alice will share interesting stories on how zoo rhinos spend their time, what they like and how they play. She will also talk about the five rhino species and their struggle in the wild. The session will also consist of a fun activity for visitors to participate in to Catch a Rhino Poacher. This activity will have visitors search for clues around the zoo which will help them find the poacher and win a prize. Furthermore, visitors will be allowed access into the rhino’s night rooms and watch rhinos play with balls of different sizes. Visitors can also pledge their support against rhino poaching.

Breakfast with a Keeper is an interactive programme which aims to get visitors to know and appreciate animals and the role that rhino’s play in the ecosystem. Each session is different and it is tailor made for the specific animal.

Breakfast with a keeper takes place every last Saturday of the month. The following sessions are planned: Breakfast with the Primate Keeper, 24 November 2012, with the Lion Keeper, 8 December 2012.

You are invited to join us for anyone of the sessions. Please contact Kevin Halama on 011 646 2000 ext 260 to reserve your seat at the breakfast table.

Prepared by Kevin Halama and issued by Letta Madlala, Brand & Communications Manager, Johannesburg Zoo, on behalf of the Johannesburg Zoo, 24 October 2012.

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