It’s Howloween at the Zoo

On Saturday the 27 October 2012, the Zoo will open in the evening from 17:00 to 21:00 for the much anticipated Howloween event. The zoological gardens will be decorated with witches and brooms, ghosts and fairies, vampires and bats and all things scary like spiders and cobwebs and hollowed out pumpkin faces. Zoo visitors should arrive in their frightful costume and ghoulish attire where they will be met by the Zoo ushers and shown the way to an evening of great fun. HA HA HA ......!

There will be seven themes and scenes with plenty of surprises: Dr Evil’s Theatre, The Enchanted Forest, The Haunted Forest, The Witches Scenes, The Vipers Lair, Alcatraz and The Fun Factory.

The first stop for visitors will be Dr. Evils Theatre, where four mad veterinarians will be hard at work conducting a gruesome blood curdling operation. A victims skeleton will be bundled on a wheel chair and wheeled in and out of theatre. Witness the sinister goings-on of the creepy veterinarians.

Next the visitors have a choice on the Howloween tour – “Scary” or “Fairy”. After that visitors will proceed with caution to the Haunted Forest where only the brave can enter. Be aware of what you may encounter in the dark, shivery, shuddery, ugly night. Smoke, strange lights, shrilling sounds and sprayed water characterise the scene. You may be touched by creepy-crawlies or even meet a vampire. An eerie feeling. This is no place for scardy-cats. Children under the age of nine are not allowed.

The Enchanted Forest is next where you will meet the Zoo fairies and characters from your favourite books: The Fairy God Mother, Little Red Riding Hood, The Potty Fairy, The Dancing Hippo and the Giraffe. All the characters will be playing in the fairy garden. The atmosphere will be tranquil and happy (can this be Howloween?) before the Pit is entered.

The Witches Pit is next in line where a bonfire will be ablaze and zoombies will be on parade and the mysterious cemetary will be displayed.

Alcatraz and the old carnivore enclosure is after The Witches Pit where you will encounter the Zoo’s ghosts. You will be enchanted by the beasts that resided in the place of the forgotten! However to gain entry you will need to drink the witches brew. Yuk!

Visitors will then proceed to the Vipers’ Lair and spend time with the slimy, scaly and hissy snakes from around Africa. You will be able to see, hear and feel the creatures of the night.

Then it’s off to The Fun Factory where jumping castles and animal characters will delight the young ones.

The last stop will be the CNA Howloween Stall, where Howloween goodies will be on sale. The best dressed prizes for Howloween will be awarded at the CNA stall. There is an Adult category and a Childrens category for the best dressed on the evening. One winner will be chosen from each category and the prize for the Kids is R500 and for the Adults a generous R2000.

Best of all “Trick or Treat” will be everywhere in the Zoo throughout the night.

Café Fino, the Zoo’s restaurant is also coming to the party. It will have a menu “to die for” and Fino will be decorated and the staff members will be dressed in their ghastly, spooky attire.

Visitors can bring a picnic basket to really make this a fun filled family event.
The Howloween event caters for all ages and normal entrance fees apply:
Adults R58
Children under 12 years R36
Pensioners R36.
You are invited to spend this special occasion with us. Please confirm your attendance with or 011 646 2000 ext 260 by 26 October 2012.

Prepared and issued by Letta Madlala, Brand & Communications Manager, Johannesburg Zoo, on behalf of the Johannesburg Zoo

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