Colds and Flu and the zoo

You were not the only one feeling cold for the past few days; Johannesburg Zoo animals felt the cold front too. Temperatures have reached lows of -1 degrees, making it a must for animals at the zoo to keep warm.

The Ring-tailed lemurs can be seen cuddling or basking in the sun. Mona monkeys have turned their enclosure into a playing field, spending their mornings running around their enclosure, all in an effort to keep warm. Polar Bears, on the other hand, love this weather as they more active and spend longer periods outside their night rooms.

The “flu bug” is not only a human concern; animals are also prone to colds and flu. Our highly trained staff ensures that our special residents remain healthy and warm this winter. We have installed a heated rock for the chimpanzees to lounge in a warm area. They, together with other primates, are given additional healthy vitamin-rich snacks to boost their immune system. Furthermore, we have installed heated lamps in some enclosures and only let the animals go outside a bit later, when the weather has improved. Old and tropical animals are kept indoors to keep them warm and toasty. We monitor all our animals and remain on high alert for any cold weather related incident.

With the weather set to improve during the week, all of us can certainly look forward to warmer weather.
Prepared by Kevin Halama and issued by Letta Madlala Brand and Communications Manager on behalf of the Johannesburg Zoo.


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