Birding for 1000 learners at the Zoo

The Johannesburg Zoo’s unique and colourful Birds species have always fascinated many people. Birds have been the inspiration behind many history and religious books, fairytales, nursery rhymes and have inspired man to fly.

The Johannesburg Zoo has 644 individual birds which range from the critically endangered Wattled Cranes to the more common Cockatoo.

On the 25th May 2012, the Johannesburg Zoo will be celebrating our feathered friends by bringing 1000 school children to have fun, educate and meet some of the zoo’s Birds at the Eco Bird Day.

The day promises great excitement with eager children bounding with energy and delight. Watch as they get up close and personal with the zoo’s Owls, Gerry or Stentson, with their giant but silent wings. The Owls will be present and showing off their beautiful plumage during the owl talk where the children will hear amazing stories about these nocturnal birds.

Eco Solutions, a conservation organization will teach the children how to make a difference towards the declining Owl population by showing them how to make Owl boxes. The children will learn how to make these boxes and use this knowledge to contribute towards the conservation of these animals. Rand Water will also be teaching the children about conservation at their puppet show, children will be laughing out loud as they listen and watch the antics of the Rand Water puppets.

The bio facts table will appease any curious child, here they will be able to engage their senses as they touch, see and smell the different Bird feathers, view their skeletons, eggs and see where they live. An expert staff member will be able to give them in-depth insight into the skeletons and biology of Birds. No Bird day can be complete without discussing beaks and bills. The beak and bill talk and demonstration will captivate the children as they learn about the different ways Birds use their beaks and bills.

The Eco Bird Fair is a great way to highlight the plight of Birds and educate the future generation on why this species is important to the environment and what they can do to conserve these magnificent and beautiful creatures.

You are invited to attend the Eco Bird Fair on the 25 May 2012. Please confirm your attendance by Wednesday the 23rd May 2012
Prepared Razina Pandor and issued by Letta Madlala Brand and Communications Manager on behalf of the Johannesburg Zoo. END.

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