Mosaic at the Johannesburg Zoo farmyard

On 28 February the Johannesburg Zoo’s farmyard will be abuzz with activity. DISH, a small Parkhurst-based mosaic and ceramic business, will be unveiling enchanting mosaics depicting well-known nursery rhymes. The rhymes, chosen and sponsored by Douglasdale Dairy, have been hand painted in large easy-to-read script onto ceramic tiles and illustrations have been created in ceramic mosaics. All work has been prepared at the DISH studio and the installation of the pieces at the farmyard will begin at 9:00 am.

Children and adults visiting the zoo will now be able to admire and sing along to the words of “Hey Diddle Diddle” in English and Afrikaans, and learn a Zulu nursery rhyme and an Africanised version of “Little Boy Blue”.

Mosaic is a decorative art form which involves creating pictures and patterns using small pieces of anything from tiles to rocks, shells, glass and beads. Unlike painted murals and designs, mosaic art is permanent and does not fade. The ceramic tiles are cemented to the walls and then grouted using a bonding liquid to ensure durability against the elements.

The Johannesburg Zoo along with DISH have started an on-going community project to place proudly South African mosaic art around the zoo. Businesses, schools and individuals are encouraged to contribute towards this project. Each sponsored mosaic will have the name and details of the sponsor attached to the mosaic work and, in this way, leave an everlasting impression of the donor’s contribution to the zoo. DISH would like to encourage art departments at schools in Gauteng to become involved with the mosaic projects, thus making them a part of the zoo’s history. Interested schools, organizations, businesses and individuals can contact Lynne Wilson on 011 447 1071 or email

You are invited to attend the work in progress of the farmyard mosaic on Tuesday 28th February at 12:30pm. Please confirm your attendance by Monday the 27th February 2012.

Prepared by Razina Pandor and Kevin Halama, issued by Letta Madlala, Brand and Communications Manager on behalf of the Johannesburg Zoo. END.

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