Reptiles all the Rave at Johannesburg Zoo this April!

There's something about reptiles that make people rave in fascination or repel in fear. Is it their scaly skin, pre-historic appearance or dangerous nature which humans are attracted to? Be it a ball python, green iguana or leopard tortoise.  There is so much to learn about these cold blooded animals and during April, Johannesburg Zoo will ignite your interest and dispel your fears surrounding these creatures with the following activities: reptile bio-facts display, reptile demonstration, crocodile feeding & talk and radio interviews on myths and phobias surrounding these creatures.

Date Time Event Venue
Sunday15, 22, 29
10:30 - 11am Reptile Demonstration Reptile House
Sunday15, 22, 29
9am - 14h00 Reptile Bio-facts Upper Park Entrance
Sunday 15, 22, 29
(warm weather permitting)
Crocodile Feeding & Talk Crocodile Country


The Johannesburg Zoo has a variety of reptiles including dwarf and Nile crocodiles, leopard tortoises, forest cobras and rock monitor lizard. Reptiles can be found throughout the zoo including crocodile country and reptile house. During April visitors to the Zoo can enjoy reptile demonstrations and crocodile feeding and talks on sundays. During weekdays visitors to the education centre can touch our harmless snakes, skinks and bearded dragons with the assistance of education staff. In addition there will be reptile bio-facts on display which include snake skins, skeletons and models of a Nile crocodile and a Galapagos tortoise.

Many people do not understand the basic differences between reptiles and mammals and this has created myths and phobias towards them. Some common myths associated with reptile species include that all snakes are venomous and can hypnotize you with their stare, reptiles are slimy, etc.  Other people keep our slimy friends as pets eventhou unaware of their origins and laws that regulate the trading of reptiles.

We would like to invite you to be part of this month long programme where we will be tackling these myths, educating the public about reptiles and providing valuable information on what to do in an encounter with our slimy friends.

You may contact me on 011 646 2000 ext 260 or email 

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