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Nile Crocodile



Sensory enrichment:

The crocodiles have different substrates in their enclosure to assist with sensory enrichment. The substrates include grass, sand, rocks and moss. Our aim with the different substrates is to replicate the Nile crocodile’s natural habitat, where they can dig or cool down without being in the water all the time. Stone beds are for rubbing against. You’ll also see whole pumpkins, melons and pineapples floating in the water sometimes – those are for the crocodiles to bite and investigate!


Food enrichment:

A pulley system allows Curator Ian and Keepers Timothy and Ivan to simulate how crocodiles would feed in the wild. Once a week, the crocodiles’ meat is hung from a metal clip and then pulled across the lake. The crocodiles can then leap out of the water to latch on to the meat, which they then tear from the clip by spinning rapidly – exactly like their wild counterparts would do. In addition to this, frozen ice treats are also provided in summer. These ice treats contain pieces of meat or fish.

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