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Mokoko the Gorilla



Play enrichment:

Mokoko’s enclosure will be modified to allow him to play Tug of War with the public. This structure adjustment forms part of our long term enrichment plan and will be done as soon as possible. His Curator Katherine and Keeper Sharon plays with him using a bubble machine, and Mokoko was also given a Keyboard by Lily James, that he’s learning to play.


Social enrichment:

As part of his social enrichment, Mokoko’s Curator (Katherine) and his Keeper (Sharon) show him videos of other animals on the Tablet that was donated by Liz Williamson from CATS Accountants in Cape Town. He is also being clicker trained by Katherine, Sharon and Karin Pienaar from COAPE SA.


Cognitive enrichment:

Puzzle feeders have been made and are placed in his enclosure weekly. These maze feeders, honey logs and drilled logs provide hours of entertainment as Mokoko tries to solve the puzzles for special treats like dates, peanuts or monkey chow.


Sensory enrichment:

In his enclosure, you will see stacks of hay tied together scattered around, hanging from trees or his jungle gym on certain days. These scented stacks provide sensory enrichment to keep him busy. He is also given herb tyres weekly, which he enjoys nibbling on. There is a wind chime in his enclosure, hung near his dam which provides auditory stimulation when the wind blows, and when he’s in his night room in the evenings, classical music is played for him. He quite likes Vivaldi’s Four Seasons!


Food enrichment:

During summer or on warmer days, Mokoko is given flavoured ice blocks. These blocks are prepared by freezing juice, fruit or treats in layers, and then given to him several times a week. He also gets bucket feeders, flavoured buckets, whole fruit or vegetables and of course, all his daily food in his two fire hose feeders which you can see hanging from his jungle gym and tree.

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