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Honey Badger



Play enrichment:

Tire swings are hung from the ceiling on certain days that the Honey Badger can use to play with. These swings provide him with novelty that he can use to have fun with. Heís particularly fond of playing with balls, so his Curator Agnus and Keeper Divi will place giant tennis or plastic balls in his enclosure on a rotational schedule so he doesnít get bored with them.


Social enrichment:

As with all the other species, we use Clicker training as a form of social enrichment as it involves daily interaction with his Keeper.


Cognitive enrichment:

In the Honey Badgerís enclosure you will often see honey logs hanging from different spots. These honey logs are rotated and heís given one every other day. The log has an interior chamber that can hold honey, molasses, spices or mashed banana. In order to get to the treats, the Badger has to remove plugs in a certain order! This is quite challenging for most species (humans included), but heís very smart and quickly figures it out. There are also feeder balls and fire hose balls provided on a rotational schedule that he has to solve to get food from.


Sensory enrichment:

Burlap sacks filled with different scents like herbs, spices or essential oils are hung from different areas in his enclosure. This provides him with olfactory stimulation. Bubbles are frequently blown for him as he really enjoys catching them. For tactile stimulation, brushes have been attached to different poles around his enclosure. He can use these to rub against, which is particularly stimulating for him. We have also installed wind chimes for him to provide auditory enrichment when the wind blows. There is also a sand pit in his enclosure, since honey badgers love to dig!


Food enrichment:

During spring and summer, flavoured ice barrels are placed in his enclosure. These barrels are made by freezing fruit and juice in layers over a period of days. Heís also been given an activity feeder which is a log with a steel rod in the middle, hanging from trees or his jungle gym on certain days. The log has holes in, and he has to roll the log to get the trail mix to fall out. There is also a woodpile feeder in his enclosure, where he has to search for food thatís hidden inside it.

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