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Bats play an important ecological role in nature, getting annoyed by pesky mosquitoes? Well, one small bat can eat 1000 mosquito sized insects in one night. Bats also help to pollinate plants. There are more than 1300 species of bats in the world and they use echolocation or high pitched chirp which bounces off objects in front of them to help them find their way in the dark. There is no need to fear Bats, a vast majority of them never get rabies and they are so darn cute. Bats are the second largest group of mammals in the world and they are the only flying mammals. How can you help bats? By creating and protecting habitats for them. Do you have an old or dead tree on your property? Leave it (if safe to do so) for the bats to make a home. Alternatively, build a bat house and ensure safe comfortable hibernation during winter.
To learn more about bats, visit our Animals of the Amazon Exhibit at the Johannesburg Zoo.

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